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Ocean Science Day

Each November, students, labs, and faculty from the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science (MEL), the College of Ocean and Earth Sciences (COE), and the College of the Environment and Ecology (CEE) open their doors to the general public.  Visitors learn about the research being done at the university and the ocean in general through a range of hands on, interactive displays and booths, lab tours, and guest presentations.

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Aquatic Sciences Summer Camp

This 5 day day camp is aimed at middle school students and designed to take them out of the classroom and into Nature.  Each day focuses on a different local aquatic ecosystem and the science behind understanding it.  Campers work in small counselor led groups with Xiamen University faculty, undergraduates, and graduates facilitating the experience.  All activities are hands on, regardless of whether they occur in the classroom, lab, or the field.

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Sharing YOUR Stories

As part of our on-going World Oceans Day Celebrations, we invite YOU to share you stories of connection with the ocean with the world!  

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