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June 8, 2020 marked the 12th World Oceans Day – the one day a year designated to celebrate all things aquatic and to encourage people to take action to protect the seas.

As part of 2020's World Oceans Day celebrations, COSEE China, in collaboration with the 70.8 Media Lab and the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science (MEL) at Xiamen University put out a call – to colleagues, friends, young, and old – asking them to share their stories about the ocean with us and with the world.  The results are a series of short videos highlighting their thoughts and feelings about the ocean and their own personal connection to the sea.

However, these are not the only stories out.  COSEE China wants YOUR stories as well.  As such, we are inviting others to share their stories about the ocean as well.  If you would like to contribute to this ongoing project, simply click on the "Share YOUR Story" button below and tell us your story in your words.  You can share an experience or a piece of artwork, a poem or an ocean fact, even a piece of music! Anything you would like!  Just as long as it’s related to or inspired by the ocean somehow.  Also, be sure to include your name and location (City and Country) and a high resolution photograph of yourself or any other images you would like to include in the video.  COSEE China will be collecting these stories and publishing them online throughout the year in an effort to make it OCEAN, DAY EVERY DAY.

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